March 9th. 2015

We would like to inform you that we take a break for an indefinite time for personal reasons. Thanx to all supporters and fans !

October 10th. 2013

we added new press quotes, join the "Review" area.

August 22nd. 2013

hey guys, we already received the first press response and it sounds everything great so far. Check out the review section to read the reviews for Covered In Skin. Also we're proud to announce the special South American tape release of Covered In Skin incl. exclusive bonus track. The cassette will be released by the Colombian label Trauma Records. We'll keep you informed !


The complete "Covered In Skin official video is online now ! Watch it, but remember YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!


So long..cheerz!

July 31st. 2013


Fukken hell, nice label announcement below ! We'll get the black vinyl version, blue shirt and girlie tank top, so feel free to pre-order direct from us to support the band.
7"EP - 7,80 € (Germany incl. shipping)
7"EP - 12 € (worldwide incl. shipping)
T-Shirt (black/blue/red) or girlie tank top (red) - 14,50 € (Germany incl. shipping)
T-Shirt (black/blue/red) or girlie tank top (red) - 18 € (worldwide incl. shipping)
7"EP+T-Shirt bundle (black/blue/red) or girlie tank top (red) - 20 € (Germany incl. shipping)
7"EP+T-Shirt bundle (black/blue/red) or girlie tank top (red) - 22 € (worldwide incl. shipping)

pre-order here:

 official teaser:

now follows the label announcement:
GOREGAST - Covered In Skin - 7"EP
After their 3rd. Album in 2011 finally a new livesign in form of a 11minutes 7”EP, including 2 new studio recorded songs, an appetizer for their upcoming 4th. full length album (spring 2014). Totally rancid, dark, intense and catchy classic death metal rotten to the bone. Mixed and mastered again by Andreas Hilbert (Golem), coverartwork by Dedy (Badic Art). Goregast shows an awesome example of varied and independently metal of death.

The vinyl will be limited to 500 copies and unleashed September 27th.. 100 copies in clear green vinyl incl. embroidered GOREGAST patch, outdoor sticker and 400 in funeral black vinyl incl. outdoor sticker. Pre-sale:

June 10th. 2013

thanx to Underground Remains Open Air crowd/crew for a wonderful night and a cool show there. We're sorry again for playing with one guitarist only, but as we said on stage Steve was helping out at the flood area in Saxonia ! All respect to this guy !



We already recorded the songs for upcoming 7"vinyl named Covered In Skin which will be released on September 27th. by FDA Rekotz. Currently Andreas Hilbert (Golem) is mixing/mastering the plague at MusicFlash Studio in rancid Berlin. The record release will be celebrated on September 27th. in Bad Freienwalde, close to our hometown in the Club called OFFI, together with our lovely label mates DEHUMAN REIGN. Hopefully see you there ! Ok guys, we'll keep you updated with all news about the 7"EP !At the "Media" section you could enjoy some new bandpix ! Check them out!

May 13th. 2013

Back from 3 days Gore-Ganizer Carnage tour!! ufffff..danke an alle Veranstalter,Bands (insbesondere Paganizer), helfende Hände und Besucher!! Nächste Goregast Show am 8.6. beim Underground Remains Festival in Gøttingen!!

April 10th. 2013

Some news for you guys.

After a more or less hard discussion we decided to change our band logo. We instructed Dedy (Badic Art) and we're more than happy with the result (above-the header). The new logo fits 100% to the band and our current style to play Metal of Death. The last years we're gone more and more back to our own musically roots, back to the classic way of Death Metal. So let's walk this path together.


The Soundforge Studio in Berlin is booked for late May, as always with Andreas Hilbert as engineer. We'll record new songs for a upcoming 7“ EP which will be released around September by FDA Rekotz.

April 1st. 2013

Der GOREGAST Gig nächsten Freitag, 5.4. im OFFI Bad Freienwalde findet NICHT statt !!! Wir sehen uns einen Tag danach, Samstag 6.4. im Park Club Fürstenwalde !!!

March 12th. 2013


March 1st. 2013

hell-o guys, we added some shows for 2013 ! Cheggit out and be there !

February 11th. 2013

currently writing new epic songs for the 4th. album which will be released in the end of 2013 !! Also looking forward to some live rituals !

June 27th. 2012

Because of personal reasons Torge Ließmann left GOREGAST !!! So now we are looking for a new drummer ! If you're interested, feel free to get in touch with us !

Write to Hauke:

May 25th. 2012

Hell yeah, we're back from tour with Swe-ass PAGANIZER ! It was just amazing ! On the pic you can see Gore-Ganizer in Zombie-land last Sunday. Thanx to the bands, to the promoters and to the audience of corpse !! Next time on stage at PROTZEN OPEN AIR !!!

April 13th. 2012

Fuckin' awesome, 4 weeks only until we meet our Swedeath brothers PAGANIZER to destroy some German stages !! We hope to see you there !!

A new GOREGAST will be unleashed on May 11th. !!! You can pre-order now, check out the shop section !

February 9th.2012

Hell, hopefully see you tomorrow in Hildesheim @ THAV and Saturday in Hoogeveen (NL) to celebrate the DEATH !

A new interview is online at German

December 23rd.2011

Wish you a bloody X-mas ! Thanx for your support in 2011 !!

upcoming shows:

February 03rd.2012 - Mücheln @ Werkstatt

February 10th. 2012 - Hildesheim @ THAV (+Dissouled+?)

February 11st. 2012 - Hoogeveen (NL)  @ Het Podium (+Bodyfarm+Dissouled)

April 7th.2 2012 - Wriezen @ Ranch + Tormentor

May 16th. 2012 - Hamburg @ Bambi Galore (+ PAGANIZER (swe)+tba)

May 17th. 2012 - Ludwigshafen @ Das Haus/Dome (+ PAGANIZER (swe)+tba)

May 18th. 2012 - Tannheim-Egelsee @ Schwarzer Adler (+ PAGANIZER (swe)+tba)

May 19th. 2012 - Coburg @ Adam (with PAGANIZER (swe)+ MAGGOT SHOES)

May 20th. 2012 - Chemnitz @ Sanitätsstelle (+ PAGANIZER (swe)+tba)

June 22nd.-24th. 2012 - Protzen (Brandenburg) @ PROTZEN OPEN AIR

September 7th-8th. 2012 - Barleben (Sachsen Anhalt/ger) @ METAL EMBRACE FESTIVAL

December 8th.2011


December 1st.2011

3 new reviews added from German Necroslaughter Mag, Bloodchamber and U.K. Powerplay Magazine !! Check them out !

Also a new show for the tour with Paganizer is confirmed. We will play on May 20th. in Chemnitz at Sanitätsstelle !! Be there or die!

November 7th.2011

Added a bunch of new reviews! Check them out or let it be.

Goregast is featured in new issue of German Metal Hammer Magazine. Buy or die !


new bandpic with current line-up - from left to right: Rico K., Ronny, Steve, Rico U., Torge.

Also GOREGAST will be featured in upcoming new issue of mighty American DOA MAGAZINE (ex-S.O.D. Magazine). Hopefully we get some copies to spread them here in Europe. Late May next year we will be on tour with swedish maniacs of PAGANIZER, if interested to book a great show, feel free to get in touch ( )!

We found some new, cool reviews in American TEETH OF THE DIVINE and German CFMD Zine. Check them out ! And don't forget to order our new album and T-Shirt ! Hasta luego !

September 15th.2011

We found new fucking killer reviews at HEAVY HARDES MAG. (6 of 6 points) and mighty VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE !!

September 9th.2011

Let's celebrate the unleashing of DESECHOS HUMANOS ! You can get the album and shirt direct from us or our label FDA Rekotz. If you prefer MP3's, you can get it at Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Nokia and so on... THANX FOR YOUR SUPPORT !!

Today found a new review from Wicked Channel. Nice words about DESECHOS HUMANOS, but we're not a Deathcore band :-) , really not.

September 1st.2011

some reviews added, check out  the review section! Only one week to unleashing DESECHOS HUMANOS ! Get in touch and order your copy !

August 29th.2011

9/10 Points for the new GOREGAST album at FATALGRIND !!

August 27th.2011

a new interview online at FOUL FEAST FLESH !!

Also found some killer reviews at METAL.DE , METAL MANIACS , SEA OF TRANQUILITY and APOCHS METAL REVIEWS ! Check it out...

August 24th.2011

you can read a new interview at FATALGRIND!!

and a new awesome written review at RING MASTER!!

August 22th.2011


also you can find there an INTERVIEW

August 21th.2011

Awesome news, finally we found a new drummer. His name is Torge Ließmann. In the past he played drums in THE OCEAN or MOZEK MOTORS. He's a really nice guy and a fucking great drummer. You can check him at YOUTUBE

August 19th.2011

hell yeah, you can read a brandnew GOREGAST interview at dutch BRUTALISM MAGAZINE ! Thanx to Twan !

August 18th.2011

new reviews added from Forbidden Mag, Scumfeast Metal 666, Metal TM and Queens of Steel